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I'm going to do commissions request. The lowest price is range from $1 to $4, and the highest starting off is $20 (in deviant points). Characters are of no charge.


Wrath of the Gods 2:  Jacob Taylor


Jacob Taylor's realization of claiming victory in the Holy Tournament ended abruptly as he was defeated by Sheva Alomar. Jacob's pride was stricken as he vowed to get back at the person responsible for his defeat

Misc. Info:

Fighting Style: Tae Kwon Do

Origin: Canada (dual citizenship in U.S.A.)

Voice Actor (s): Adam Lazarre-White

Intro Sequence: Jacob has his arms crossed, and shakes his head at his opponent. He gets into his fighting stance and says "You don't know what I got in store for you." 

Victory Sequence: Jacob starts throwing a series of kicks at the camera before finishing, and saying "You know I fucked you up, right?" while flashing a smirk and a wink.

Stage: Vancouver (BGM: The World Is Yours by Nas)

              Stage Variations (Day, Dusk, Night, Rain, Thunderstorm) 


P1: White Tae Kwon Do pants 

P2: Black Jacket with Green trim, Yellow T-Shirt and Black Jeans

P3: Light Lavender dress shirt with Orange tank top and brown slacks

P4: Black Shirt and Jeans (alternate colors: White or Blue Shirt and Jeans)

Arcade Mode:


( We open a shot of Jacob in his dojo, sitting indian style, his head lowered in shame.)

Jacob (v/o): How could I have failed? I was so close to winning. That damn Sheva, she's going to pay for making me lose!

(We then see Jacob practice his Tae Kwon Do skills as Nas's "The World Is Yours" plays in the background.)

Jacob (v/o): I bet she's somewhere laughing to herself about her little victory. But I got something for her. She thought by beating me, that she would claim the prize for herself, but she got another thing coming. 

(Jacob then kicks furiously at a punching bag.)

Jacob (v/o): I know the tournament is coming up, and I got to do more than impress. I'm gonna shock and awe.

(Jacob looks up at his trophies that are placed on a mantle.)

Jacob (v/o): Mark my words, I'm claiming the prize, come hell or high water! 

Stage 3 Rival: Miranda Lawson

(Scene takes place in London, in Hyde Park. Miranda calmly views her surroundings, when Jacob appeared. )

Miranda: Jacob. 

Jacob: Nice meeting you here, Miri.

Miranda: I guess you're not so perfect after you lost in the tournament. 

Jacob: Speak for yourself. 

Miranda: At least I went a little further than you.

Jacob: Well, how far can your body take punishment? 

Miranda: Is that a challenge?

Jacob: No, it's dinner and a movie. Now let's see what you got!


Jacob: Not so perfect now, are ya?

Miranda: You got lucky? 

Jacob: Lucky? That was skill!

Miranda: Why don't you take your skill elsewhere?

Jacob: Hmph, you'll be calling me again for a rematch.

Stage 6 Rival: Sheva Alomar

(Scene takes place in Nairobi, in downtown. Sheva is seen stretching out when she looks back and sees Jacob checking her out.)

Sheva: Do you mind?

Jacob: No, but I do mind wanting a rematch. 

Sheva: What rematch?

Jacob: Don't play dumb with me. You defeated me in that last tournament, and now it's time to pay up. 

Sheva: I owe you nothing!

Jacob: Then I guess I'm taking it by force! 


Jacob: Should've never came between me and my prize, Sheva. 

Sheva: What prize? What are you talking about?

Jacob: You don't know? You defeated me, and I was going to win it all. 

Sheva: You're delusional, you know that?

Jacob: You say delusional, I say destined. Good day. 

Stage 9 Rival: Bertolt Hoover

(Scene takes place inside an elaborate buddhist temple hall, with some ruins left behind from the first tournament as the large statue placed behind a throne as a few cracked pieces, and a mysterious priest wearing a golden mask sits in the altar. The place is lit with two large candles near the altar, and some lanterns hanging off the ceiling, and a gong. We see Jacob arriving, being greeted by the priest.)

Priest: So nice of you to make it this far. You have one last challenge that awaits. 

(The sound of the gong echoes throughout the hall as we see Bertolt emerging from the shadows, glaring at Jacob.) 

Jacob: How's it hanging, Karate Kid?

Bertolt: Very funny, Jacob.

Jacob: Ready for this ass kicking, boy? 

Bertolt: Don't cry like you did against Sheva.

Final Boss: Chakravartin

(After defeating Bertolt, Jacob believes that he has won and is free to go, but the priest rises from his throne.)

Priest: Incredible, I never thought you would defeat one of my crown jewels. However, I have another challenge for you. You will face…me.

(The priest takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Chakravartin, or a reincarnated being of Chakravartin. The temple halls transforms into Event Horizon, a realm of time and space created by Chakravartin to replicate any place on Earth.)

Jacob: What's all this?

Chakravartin: I created this tournament to see who can match me as far as my power goes. This time, I seek to regain what was lost from me. You must not succeed.

Jacob: No way man. The prize is mine!

Chakravartin: Very well, let's see who's power is more obsolete. 


(Having defeated Chakravartin, We see Jacob being interviewed by a news reporter.)

News Reporter: Hello, this is Henry Thomas-Fernandez, and with me is Tae Kwon Do sensation, Jacob Taylor who will demonstrate his technique that made him a champion. Mr. Taylor if you will.

(Jacob showcases his Tae Kwon Do skills in lightning quick speed for 2 minutes.)

Henry Thomas-Fernandez: Impressive. So tell me Mr.Taylor, how long have you been training in Tae Kwon Do?

Jacob: Since the 90s. I've been one of the best Tae Kwon Do fighters in the world, and my trophies speak for themselves.

(We then have a shot of the trophies that Jacob won, including the recent one.)

Henry Thomas-Fernandez: Now, Mr. Taylor, you have a great collection of trophies, and your most recent one, where did you win that one?

Jacob: Some tournament in Southeast Asia. It was no big deal, besides, I was gonna win that one anyway.

Henry Thomas-Fernandez: Excellent. Well, reporting live from Jacob Taylor's dojo, I'm Henry Thomas-Fernandez, back to you, Aletha.

(The TV Screen cuts off as the screen cuts to black, and we see the text "WRATH OF THE GODS 2" appear as Linkin Park's "Nobody's Listening" is playing as the credits roll, showing highlights of Jacob's matches.)

Wrath of the Gods 2- Jacob Taylor
Here is the twenty-second profile for the sequel for my crossover fighting game, Wrath of the Gods 2. The brash, overconfident Jacob Taylor returns to take the prize. Also, check out :iconsprite-genius:'s new fighting game, Cyber Cataclysm, and make sure to look out for Brutal Fists 2.

Jacob Taylor (c) BioWare
Hello, everyone. Here's the fourth character reveal for one of the many new characters for the upcoming sequel, Wrath of the Gods 2.

The trailer starts off with an ESRB label stating above, "MAY CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPIATE FOR CHILDREN" and below, "Visit for rating information" for 5 seconds and then fades.

We open on a busy marketplace in Bombay, India as Oh No's "Adventure" plays in the background. We have a behind the back shot of a man walking in the marketplace, followed by some shots of the people conversing and dancing, until a few robbers take some produce. The man from the previous stops walking, followed by a shot of his mouth smirking, and cracking his knuckles, as we reveal the man to be Nathan Drake. We then see beta gameplay footage of Nathan displaying his Muay Thai skills, first fighting against Annie Leonhardt, followed by fighting against Kaidan Alenko, and Chris Redfield, as Drake lands a back elbow to Chris' face. We then see Nathan delivering a front kick to Samanosuke Akechi's chest, followed by another shot of Nathan pulling off a fist and elbow combo on Jin Kazama, and a flying knee to James Vega that sends him flying into a car. We then cut back to the marketplace as we see Nathan display his Muay Thai skills in front of the camera, only to see the robbers fall down in defeat. Nathan wipes his hands, smirks, and walks away as the screen cuts to black.

We then cut to a logo for Wrath of the Gods 2 accompanied by the logos of the publisher, developer, XBOX 360, PS4, Wii, PC, PSP, and Nintendo 3DS, followed by the words, Coming Soon. Afterwards, we then see Chris Redfield (dressed as Captain America), John Shepard (dressed as Batman), Eren Yeager (dressed as Superman), Miranda Lawson (dressed as Zatanna), and Annie Leonhardt (dressed as Wonder Woman) walk towards the screen as the text reads "PRE-ORDER WRATH OF THE GODS 2 AND GET THE SUPERHERO COSTUME DLC PACK."



Deron Butler
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I like to use Photoshop for my creations,but I'm learning how to draw and use other methods to improve my art. I also get inspired by looking at other people's works for ideas I can come up with for my creations.

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