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I'm going to do commissions request. The lowest price is range from $1 to $4, and the highest starting off is $20 (in deviant points). Characters are of no charge.


Xianghua and Chun Li: Training by Stylistic86
Xianghua and Chun Li: Training
Xianghua and Chun Li duking it out...or just sparring. I made both Xianghua and Chun Li's poses based off Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris's fight from Way of the Dragon, with Xianghua posing as Bruce Lee and Chun Li as Chuck Norris. Hope you guys like it.

Lord of the Underground: Wang Long

Wang Long is a martial arts prodigy from China, having mastered the Shaolin Martial Arts and the art of the chi at a young age. He has challenged and fought various martial artists throughout China, seeking a challenger that can truly test his mettle. One day, he hears of a tournament in New York known as the Lord of the Underground tournament. Intrigued by this, Wang Long sets off to compete in the tournament.

Special Moves:

Tiger Ki Kick: Wang Long performs a jump kick attack, an emits ki in the form of a tiger.

Slip and Fall: Wang Long grabs the opponent's arm while placing two fingers from his other arm on the throat of his opponent, and trips them. 

Dragon Hurricane Ki: Wang Long does a 540 kick as ki in the form of a dragon is emitted. 

Tiger Claws: Wang Long scratches the opponent and strikes them with his palm. 

X-Ray Move: 

Yin and Yang: Wang Long punches the opponent rapidly, followed by striking them in the throat with a chop, crushing their larynx. He then does a cartwheel kick, which breaks the crown of the skull.  

Final Blow:

Hungry Hungry Tiger: Wang Long summons his tiger and tells him to devour his opponent.

Furious Blades: Wang Long takes two Chinese swords, and starts wielding the sword an inch away from the opponent. Afterwards, he blows on the opponent slightly as body parts fall apart.


Voice Actor:  Parry Shen

Fighting Style: Tiger Kung Fu and Shaolin Martial Arts

Origin: China

Occupation: Martial Artist

Hobbies: Training, Harnessing his ki, Walking with his pet tiger 

Intro Sequence:  Wang Long backflips his way on the battlefield and does a forward front flip and lands on his feet. He then says "I'm looking forward to this" as he gets in his fighting stance. 

Outro Sequence:  Wang Long takes out his sword and wields it for about 10 seconds and finishes with a pose. Wang Long puts his sword back and walks away, and in the next shot, we see Wang Long sitting next to his pet tiger

Stage: Shaolin Temple (BGM: Nas is Like by Nas)

Arcade Mode:


(Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting" plays in the background as we open on the Shaolin Temple.)

Wang Long (v/o): Welcome to the Shaolin Temple. This is where legendary monks have trained for centuries. And I myself train here. 

(We see Wang Long training.)

Wang Long (v/o): My name is Wang Long. I'm a martial arts prodigy, having mastered the art of the ki since I was a little kid. I've trained with the monks, who've not only mentored me, but kept me on a spiritual path as well.  

(We see Wang Long wielding his sword for a minute as his pet tiger looks on.)

Wang Long(v/o): The martial arts comes natural to me. Almost like a second nature. I've traveled throughout China, looking for any challengers to test my mettle. I've taken down some of the best fighters, but now, I search for an even bigger challenge.  

(Wang Long looks at an invitation for the Lord of the Underground tournament.)

Wang Long (v/o): A tournament? in New York City? Now that's a real challenge right there. I'm looking forward to this. Watch out, everyone! The martial arts prodigy from China is coming!  

Rival Cutscene: Ryoko Sakamoto

(Scene takes place in Osiris' Underground Arena. The DJ announces the next fight.)

DJ: Alright, alright, y'all. We got a martial arts prodigy in the house tonight. Y'all give it up for Wang Long! His opponent for tonight is Ryoko Sakamoto!

Wang Long : Say, what's a school girl doing in a tournament like this? 

Ryoko: Uh? I stole a ticket out of curiosity? Please don't tell my uncle or my brother.

Wang Long: I won't. I just want to see how good you fight. 

Ryoko: Okay then. I'll give it my best!  

Final Boss: Osiris

(After defeating Ryoko, Wang Long is declared the winner.)

Wang Long: Hey, not bad. How about I teach you some of my moves next time?

(Wang Long is then approached by Osiris' secretary, a slender female wearing a business suit.)

Secretary: Mr. Long

Wang Long: Yeah? 

Secretary: He's ready to see you. 

(We then see Wang Long entering Osiris' office, which is a wide, rectangular office with a view of the New York skyline in the background. The room is halfway dark, except for the desk as Osiris sits in the dark, concealing himself. Osiris puffs smoke before talking.)

Osiris: Congratulations on making it this far. 

Wang Long: Thanks. I was in need of a challenge

Osiris: Is that right? Well I got something for you. 

Wang Long: Prize money? Because I need it to get back home. 

Osiris: Rest assured. You'll get my money.

(Osiris then emerges from the darkness, cigar in hand.)

Osiris: If you beat me for it.

Wang Long: Sounds like a plan to me. I'm down 

Osiris: Good...

(Osiris gets up from his seat, pushing his desk aside. He cracks his knuckles preparing to fight.)

Osiris: Business time starts now! 


(We see Wang Long sitting with his pet tiger on a hill, looking at the Shaolin Temple.)

Wang Long: Man, that was some tournament. I mean, fighting against a lot of tough fighters from around the world… and that Japanese schoolgirl. She was really something. She was spunky, but she needs a lot of practice. Either who, how about we get something to eat? 

(Wang Long's pet tiger smiles as the two of them head back to the Shaolin Temple for dinner as the screen fades to black. The X-Ecutioners' "Let It Bang" plays throughout as we cut to the Lord of the Underground logo. The credits roll as we see the characters in their stages.)

Lord of the Underground: Wang Long
Here is the sixth and final guest character for Lord of the Underground. It's :iconjagoman169:'s OC, Wang Long. Wang Long has some moves based on the art of channeling chi as well as summoning tigers and dragons. Hope you like it.
Hello, everyone.

This is a follow up from my last journal entry. I am proud to announce that I have made a wiki page for Lord of the Underground. You can check it out here.….

Now, I also want to do character comparisons between some of my characters from LOTU to those of Street Fighter. Feel free to add some suggestions, too:

Tyson Floyd/Ryu: The protagonist
Derek Wade/Ken: Cocky, brash, and hot-tempered
Suchin Rama/Chun Li: Female protagonist
Cletus Jamison/E.Honda: They like to perfect their art
Junior Fuafiva/Guile: The Military guy
Jean Samedi/Dhalsim: The spiritual fighter
Mikail Yeltsov/Zangief: The Russian
Ze/Blanka: They're from Brazil
Sweet Daddy L/Balrog: They're about their money
Izem Ohakim/Vega: They use weapons
Kenichi Sakamoto/Sagat: Bald, tough, and lethal...with a sense of honor
Osiris/M.Bison: The Boss
Donovan Reed/Dee Jay: The Jamaican character
Jose Miguel Ruiz or Danny Rivera/T.Hawk: Latin character
Samantha Leung/Fei Long: Because...Bruce Lee
Sandra Harris/Cammy: Femme Fatale
Tony Chen/ Dan: The troll character
Bubba Champion/Rufus: The hardcore biker
La Leona/El Fuerte: The luchador
Catrina Alvarez/Juri: The seductress with some psychotic tendencies
Ryoko Sakamoto/Sakura: The schoolgirl
Jenkins and G-Loc/ Yang and Yun: Carbon copy
Eddie Sakamoto/Cody: Thrill seeking badass
Han Hyojin/Rolento: Paramilitary thug
Ryan Andrews/Charlie Nash: The other military guy
Alexandra Stevenson/Crimson Viper: Secret agent
Mia Allyson/Elena: They have break dancing attacks
Sid Lucius/Birdie: British punk
Eric Duncan/Eagle: They use batons as weapons

That's all I got...for now.



Deron Butler
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I like to use Photoshop for my creations,but I'm learning how to draw and use other methods to improve my art. I also get inspired by looking at other people's works for ideas I can come up with for my creations.

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hey i've drawn what you requested…
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Hey Mr. S86,

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For the first one, it should be called Wager of Life. The second one should be a mix of Backgammon and Magic: The Gathering, so it should be Magic Gammon. The third one should be like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Pacific Rim, so it should be called Kaiju vs. Sentai.
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Hey S86,
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So what would be those called?
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The first one should be called. Swords of Chaos. The second one should be called Fun and Surprise.
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Those are nice, but I already found 3 names in which Mr. Sprite-Genius sent me, 1. Age of Shadows, 2. Puzzle Meister & 3. Ball Play. So have you thought up the names for my three other ones?
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Age of Shadows sounds epic. Ball play too.
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